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Inch Converter 3.0

Convert decimal inch, feet, millimeters, centimeters and meters, to imperial fractions of an inch, rounded to 1/4 1/8 1/16 1/32 1/64 or 1/128 mixed fractions.

Screen Shot

Choose your preferred ruler increment

Round up or down to the nearest ruler mark

Automatic rounding to lowest possible denominator

Visually compare fraction with decimal measurement


"Whether you use vernier scales, digital gauges or are converting plans, Inch Converter makes it quick and easy to find the most suitable imperial fraction for your project. That's why I wrote this App, and that's why I use it in my workshop."

Paul Robbins
Artistic Director, Lokivoré

Using the App


1. Select the unit of measurement you are converting from. The chosen unit will appear to the left of the equals sign.

2. Tap the numeral buttons to enter your length value. The resulting inch fraction is shown to the right of the equals sign. Use the backspace key 'X' to make any changes.

3. Select a suitable Fraction Limit for your purposes. For example, for cutting timber I can only acurately mark and cut to 1/16", but if I'm drilling a hole my drill set is in 1/64" increment bit sizes, so I limit the calculation to 1/16 and 1/64 of an inch respectively.


4. Select a the Rounding Direction, under or over, to find the fraction that closesly matches you decimal length.

Changing the Rounding Direction moves the Red Indicator to the closest fraction chosen as your Fraction Limit. The smaller the fraction limit the closer you will get to your decimal length shown by the Green Indicator.

If the Red Indicator does not moved between under and over rounding you have an exact match for your fraction, see above right screen shot for 0.375" exactly equals 3/8".

Screen shot to the right shows that 3cm is slightly less that 1 3/16", because the rounding has been set to round up to the next 16th of an inch.

When rounding up results in an exact inch the fraction is removed and the whole inches are incresed by one. When rounding down results in an exact inch the fraction is removed.


5. About the rulers.

The Metric Ruler (upper) represents one of two scales, 1/100" increments for inches and feet, and 1mm increments for mm, cm, and meters.

The Green Indicator on this ruler shows the exact decimal value of the conversion.

When converting from a metric value this ruler represents the last 25.4mm (1 inch) of the measurement.

The Inch Ruler (lower) repesents one inch with 1/64 increment markings.

The Red Indicator shows the relative proximity of the rounded fraction to the Green decimal indicator, depending on the selected Rounding Direction and Fraction Limit.

For mixed fractions it represents the final inch of your converted length. The example to the right shows the whole inch portion of the calculation (39inches) at the left most ruler increment.

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