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Impairment Calculator 4th edition

AMA Impairment Calculator

AMA Impairment Calculator is a specialist calculator with a function to combine impairment values using the formula A+B(1-A) for the purpose of calculating medical reports in accordance with The American Medical Association's Evaluation of Permanent Impairment.

This App IS NOT associated with or endorsed by The American Medical Association. AMA Guides™ is a trademark of the American Medical Association.

Before using this App for medico legal purposes, the user should verify, through comparison with their own calculations, that the scope and accuracy available from the App is sufficient for their needs, including any additional requirements that may apply for their local jurisdiction.

upper extremity screen shot hand screen shot

Special Features

· Combines multiple impairment values using the formula A+B(1-A) with the f(c) button.

· Calculates an impairment value through to whole perosn IMP% for both the upper and lower extremities, with the option to view rounded or decimal percentages.

· Stores calculations in a list, like a paper roll, to review previous equations. Press the Trash can button to clear the list.

Regular calculator features

· Add, subtract and perform percentage calculations.

· WARNING! This app DOES NOT iinclude a DIVIDE function, because it is not used in the AMA Guides calculation methods.

Example calculation

Index finger DIP joint 30degrees = 33 IMP% and MP joint 30degrees = 21 IMP% through to whole person impairment.

Use keys:
3 3 f(c) 2 1 =
shows result 47IMP%
press WPI key and new screen opens with values for 47IMP% calculated through to whole person %
locate Index Finger in the Upper Extremity list and read across for each region, Hand 9%, Upper Extremity 8%, whole person 5%
optionally, turn off the round switch to view decimal precentages, Hand 9.4%, UE 8.5%, WPI 5.2%
Press the close button to return to the calculator screen.

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